Survey Form: Giants


I need your digital wisdom on my survey project please.

I don’t think you want to set a width on the body like that. If you narrow your browser in skinnier than the width you have set then you get a horizontal scroll bar.

What if:
add a little bit of vertical spacing between
section headings and first radiobuttons/checkboxes
I mean between the text 'How many Giant… ’ and first radio button, for example.

Also, I tested with dev tools your page on some wide dimensions (800 px wide and bigger).
Looks like form always wants to be close to right side of viewport. That was the plan?

In general(I saw you posted bunch of feedback requests). I am a big fan of proper comments. To look at your code is not a heavy task, and was useful for my own CSS shenanigans

Okay. Bruce and admit8490 I’ve made the vertical edits.

However, in also altering my viewport I see that my form does hang to the left. I have never felt it to be an issue. I was just happy with the ‘look’ and passing the exam that the “RESPONSIVE WEB” focus of the exam and lesson has escaped me.

So, are you both suggesting that I embed an @media query and set the min-width to 800px?

Your eye is very much appreciated. I’ve always hated my English teachers throwing out their red pen on my essays but this is different. Our artwork is drawn with code! I like creating…I “B +” my way through Language Arts.

Grammar challenge, not accepted! Give me an art easel and canvas and step aside. I want to make something! I love my teachers though…just not that subject. LOL.

I would suggest that you not set a width on the body at all. And for any inputs that need a width to make them fill the available space (such as the textarea) use a percentage for the width (like 100%). I would get out of the habit of assigning widths in px because that tends to lead to unresponsive designs. And chances are a lot of the time you should use min-width or max-width instead of width.

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