Survey form grade

Hi guys.
Please help me grad my survey form and tell me how i can improve more.
I will appreciate your help a lot.

You can try adding border-radius and padding property I find it helpful for a lot a UI Designs I do!

Hi .
Good job on completing for.m challenge !

  1. Make form responsive so when you load website in mobile it will still make sense.
  • read @media queries.
  1. Use fonts
  • go to google fonts, import them in your html/css .
  1. Background image is bit off. It’s resolution is too low, make it responsive as well.

  2. You can remove resizing function of textarea.

textarea {
  resize: none;

5 Add some hover effects.

.submit:hover {
 background: ; /*light blue color*/
  1. If you want, you can remove button borders. border: none; .

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