Survey Form - Halloween

Hello, can you please review my survey form?

I am having some troubles with the spacing. I am mostly using
in html, I think that I could change to line-height in CSS. Also, I had some trouble with the select-checkbox id “Favorite decade”. I wasn’t sure how to move it somewhere between 60s and 70s, I decided to keep it at the bottom. Also, the page seems kinda horizontal, is it because it is not very populated, or are there some settings I could make in order to have to scroll down a little bit? The only thing I can think of is to increase the fonts, adjust the paddings, margins, etc.

Thank you!

For spacing and layout, I find it helpful to put a temporary border around each div or block element, sometimes i even give each element a different border color. This way you can see exactly how much space they are taking up. Also not having to scroll down is a good thing if you can avoid it.

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Thanks, good advice.