Survey form help needed!

guyz im struggling to make the form element not to cover the whole width of the web browser please help me with that. I want some white space on the side of the form element. I also need some guidance on how to make the contents in the form element to be uniformly aligned. here is the link

Add max-width and margin: 0 auto to the element you don’t want to expand.


#survey-form {
  max-width: 600px;
  margin: 0 auto;

thanks man youve helped me alot. can you tell me whats wrong with my checkbox section im not passing the test because of this section. Im not seeing what the problem is…

You have a typo in this line:

<label for="cap"><input type="checkbox" name="uptake" value"2" id="cap"=>Lack of capital</label>


value"2" // forgot the =


thanks for your help🙌. Im now ready to move on to the next project. Hope i can contact you whenever i get problem in the future.