Survey form - I haven't tested

I used paragraph tags instead of divs. I’m not sure if that is considered bad form. I think I probably should have used flex box for this look.

looks good to me. However the only thing for me is the colors(something I have problems with) make some of the text hard for me to read. Personally I would want the text to stand out a little better .maybe I need :eyeglasses:

Thanks you the feed back. I still have a lot to do.

I have to style the p and take out the description I’d. I read that they should be unique.

I added the back ground image, I think that makes it harder to read.

It looks good to me but as mentioned above, you may want to use a different font colour or maybe a darker background image since its kinda hard to read the text but that’s just me. Everything else looks great.:+1:

Your page looks great and I love that creative background effect, though I agree with the other users that it is a bit difficult to read. There is only a small thing: when the screen width is smaller than 480px, your textarea is always the same size so it starts going over the “div” edge and then over the right side of the screen. Maybe you would like to make it more responsive? But it is just a detail, and it looks okay on bigger screens.

Than you.

I will add another media query and change some colors.

Were you able to see the background image? Should I remove it?

I could see the background image and I loved it, it is a great choice for the page theme and it makes it stand out from other survey pages, so I would definitely keep it and change the text color to a slightly darker shade, and I would probably choose something less bright for the title background color, or extend the image to go behind the title too, if you prefer that. But I am just a beginner with no web design experience so it may just be a personal preference!

Thank you, I’m going to crank the background color, but all I want be able to work on it until Tuesday.

I appreciate your comments.

You have a little typo in the third question, making it possible to select two radio buttons at the time time.
You have name=“satisfation” and name=“satifaction”, making it look like they are answers to two different questions.

The overall is good, just make some attention to the contrast, as a few users said before, as it is making it harder to read.

Thank you so much for pointing out the group name error and for taking the time to look over the page. I will correct it Tuesday.

Right now I’m on my phone which makes editing difficult.