Survey Form id="number" question for screen readers

Hi, I’m currently working on my survey form project. It requires me to have a number input type, with id=“number”. My question is: Your supposed to have a label “name” so that screen readers will read off the “name” to people. So, If I want to get their age, but I have to have the “id” as number, the screen reader wont read off age, it will read off number.

Is there a way around this? I know its just for this project so I shouldn’t really care about that, but I’m curious.


I don’t believe that this is accurate. id is used internally to uniquely identify an element (and they are falling out of use). Using a label should provide the information to screen readers regardless of the id attribute.

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Yeah,I totally agree with ArielLeslie, what you can do is give a label element to that input and if you do not want the label to display on screen you can hide it.
Like this…

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