Survey Form - Industry 4.0

Hey everyone, I just finished the survey form project, and I want to share this here. It would be a pleasure for me to get some feedback

Survey form here

Really love the colors and the contrast and the styles, basically everything looks on spot

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That background is so cool. The way you can slide that form up and done while the background image stays in place. Great! Beautiful color scheme.

It’s not completely responsive, on a phone, the background loses its luster and you could adjust that.
Br tags are not supposed to be used like that. They are used for line breaks. If you want to create space between input fields I’d use padding and margin.
I notice that you are adding id’s everywhere and not using them. You are even giving the main tag a ‘main’ id. If you’re using the main tag only once, which you usually do, you can refer to it as main in css, you don’t need an id. So I would remove all id’s that are not actively being used and if you have to add one, I’d not repeat a tagname.

I like that you are using variables for your colors. If you create more complex pages or a number of pages for a site, those are going to come in very handy.

All in all, a beautiful page.


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Hey @diegues13 Good job on creating the page! it looks great! Your choice of color is in fact top-notch and sophisticated. You centering the content as well as simplifying the intent of the page are the two things I strongly suggest to have in future projects and pages. They’re almost always important from what I’ve seen.

What I can suggest for the next steps are the following:

  • UI/UX:

    1. Try using a color for submit that is similar to other colors you used within your page. Given that the color palette of your page consists of a specific set of colors you usually don’t wanna surprise the user with a completely new color like the dark gray.

    2. Think of changing font style to add edginess to your design.

    3. Use as of now can grab your text area for the last question and grow it to invade the areas outside of the middle container. As a bonus challenge, I’d suggest focusing on adding media queires on that.

  • Programming:

    1. Think about how you can make your form more relaistic. I suggest adding some validations. It could be validations of email format oras a harder challenge error messages when user tries to input number into the name field.

    2. Not sure if it’d worth the try but you could also try showing some confirmation message when the user hit submit to let her know that the survey is submitted successfully.

Wish you luck and hope you continue this journey successfully :call_me_hand:

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work in these fields to improve the page!

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to improve the page

  • Responsive
  • Br tags
  • Adding id’s

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to improve the page

  • Submit color
  • Font style (edginess to your design)
  • Text area
  • Validations
  • Confirmation message
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