Survey form Inspiration


I need a little help, see whenever I make a design I always seek in Google for design inpirations. However, in this case the designs of the survey forms I’ve see in my Google search are too plain.

I would love to know where I can find some survey design inspirations.

Also I have finished the tribute page project how do I know if I have completed all user stories?


oh yeah, check these out &

Only been using these a couple months but they are great for finding inspiration.

I use dribbble primarily as there seems to be more software related UI/UX stuff whereas behance seems to encompass a wide variety of graphic design mediums that are not really software/html form related

You can run the test suite.

Did you code your solution in codepen? or in a local environment?

You can add the test suite to your project by adding this somewhere in the <body> tags of your HTML.

<script src=""></script>

Do not add it to the <head> as it won’t work there. Once you’ve added it, you’ll see a green “hamburger” widget at the top-left of the page. Click that, select your project type, and you can run the tests from that.

It is in codepen, I can’t post links yet though


If you forked the codepen from the challenge instruction page, the test suite that @chuckadams mentioned should already be included

I started from scratch, so that’s why.

10/10 now i know i’ve completed the tribute page.