Survey form jumps to top entry if you misclick a checkbox

I’m working on my survey form, and I have all 17 tests complete. However, if I scroll down a little, and then click some of my checkboxes, (but accidentally misclick one and just miss it) the page jumps back to the top and puts the cursor in my “name” box.

I understand that I have made filling out the boxes “required” but, is this something I can fix? I notice that on the example survey form they give you, this doesn’t happen.

Thank You,

Hello masterninjadog,

When trying to figure out a problem, please include your code (or a link to it) and a link to the challenge you are working on. Without these, there is (usually) not much we can do to help.

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Here is my survey form so far. I’m working on the css part of it now and then I will update the questions etc…

Alright, I finally figured it out.

You never closed your label tag for the name box. Making pretty much the whole form a label for that box.

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Thanks Dude! Appreciate it! :slight_smile: