Survey Form - Looking for critique/feedback

Hi! This is my survey form project, any feedback, critique is very much appreciated. I feel like I am somewhat getting a feel for programming in general, and am proud of my progress. Thanks again for any help or feedback!

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Overall - the form is good as is.

Here are my suggestions, feel free to use what you like.

  1. Avoid italics, I noticed your labels are italicized. Save this for times of extreme empahsis when you’ve exhausted all other options. Bold or semi-bold will almost always work.

  2. Add some padding inside your input fields. Makes them feel more like a place for information and less like a cage for your text.

  3. Unless the background color is specific, I’d be in favor of a white or neutral background. Its much easier to look at than a solid color. Also different screens will output different variations of this color, and its possible it won’t look like expected on every screen.

  4. Rounded corners or not rounded corners. Some of them are and some arent. I’d suggest you pick one and stick with it. Some of your corners are round while the text area at the bottom has square corners. (the property for this is border-radius, if your unsure)

Just some feedback from someone who works in the industry. Be proud of what you did and keep going. Save or screenshot it and come back a year from now and see how much you’ve learned since! Cheers

Thanks for taking the time to look over my project and add these suggestions! When you are referring to background color, do you mean that entire page’s background, or moreso the form background color should be neutral? @shadowfox476