Survey Form - Looking For Feedback!

Hi this is my second project and I would like to receive feedback. Any comments are welcome.

Also I have a question where did the label disappear from the comments section?


Hi Dimayo,

  1. I’m going to first answer you for the technical question regarding the comments label.
    I saw that you didn’t close the select tag. Since you have just opened it, can cause some errors after the select/option section. To be able to correct the error just close the tag with a select after the last option tag, before the closing div
  2. For the feedback about the survey, I think that is a very good formatted form, with a great pagination and all the fields people need. The only thing I would change is the Age section. I think that is more easy and faster to insert a date with maybe tre select box (day, month, year) or, instead, use a simple textbox for the age. The input type number, in this case, is not comfortable as it seems

Hello @mattiaerli97 !

First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback, it is really important for me at the moment.

Followed your recommendations and the label really appeared :grinning:. How did you notice this ???

Fully agree with you about the input type number. I used it to take the test. Without using the input type number, I probably will not perform User Story # 7; # 8; # 9.

Hi @Dimayo!
Thanks for your response.
To notice the label error, I tried first of all to see if every precedent tag was opened and closed correctly (in the same way you can analyze parenthesis on a code) and thats it. I suggest you to look to this soluction if the problem is a display bug.
Good evening,