Survey Form- Looking for feedback

Here it is.
All feedback and criticism welcome.
Thank you,
Luke :slight_smile:

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hi @LukeAyres

were you nested the contact us in double p element to gave it some spacing? just curious. lol

Hey @sobadrdb I don’t think it is nested in double p tags.
The identation may make it look as if it is perhaps? But that is because they are nested in a u tag.
Spacing is added between each pair of p tags if this is what you mean.
Luke :slight_smile:

aye you right. lol, my mistake.

have you tried validate it through w3c? i think it would flag as an error, as p is not allowed as child of u element. not sure haven’t checked it yet

That’s my next task, thank you for reminding me I always forget to do that before uploading my project :slight_smile:

Your website looks great! I love the use of color and the unique design of filling in the form. Nice job on that :call_me_hand:
As far as the design you did a nice job of choosing a font that matches your context.
The color use also matches the background image.

As the next steps, I can suggest a couple of things from UI/UX standpoint.

Changing the border color of orange under your form controls: having orange seemed like red and it conveys the message that the answers are wrong. If this was the color chosen to show the answers are wrong I suggest you only highlight the form control only after the user has touched it.

Having two shades of yellow even when matching with the background image could be too much yellow. You could use darker color for the contact us which matches with the yellow color of the form. I suggest you check the color pallettes of color, a complementary color of yellow might be the best choice.

you might wanna have some space or padding between radio buttons question and checkboxes question as they seem a bit closer than usual.

Keep up the good work and good luck!

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Thank you @shervinee for taking the time to give such detailed feedback.
Interesting point about the color giving the user the impression they have incorrectly input something, this hadn’t occured to me :slight_smile:
I’ll have another look at my color choices and the spacing issues and touch up where necessary.
Thank yooouu,
Luke :slight_smile:

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