Survey Form - My second project from FCC

Hello folks

This is my Survey form.

I would love to get some hints on the followings ;

  1. I wanted to have the picture to fade in rather than just be there (larger screens)

  2. Textarea element seems to hide the placeholder text and I cant figure out why.

  3. Add a delay once submit button clicked to allow the image animation to do something.

Please critic my code and many thanks for taking the time to view it.

Hi @KianGD
When I tried viewing your project in full mode, it says following

The owner of this Pen needs to verify their email address to enable Full Page View.

Hi @BoCode84

Thanks for viewing , There’s a problem with the verification of my account, its a bummer.

@BoCode84 My account is verified now, If you still would like to view it.

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So now that I have the access, I can review your code and your project

I can tell you I am not a really big fan of things flashing in front of me so I would just leave it the way it is. Not a lot of people even have an opportunity to notice it, plus some people (like myself) have some things turned off so it doesnt affect browsing.

On the other note, what I would recommend is not to have option button selected for your “Reason for your visit today?”

Right now, it is auto-selecting exploring. What about if I was not exploring ?

That’s my “2 minute feedback” for you.

Good luck coding and learning new things !

it makes sense to have that unselected.
Many thanks for your time and feedback.

Stay safe.