Survey form, need a little help with feedback. Thanks

I thank you in advance for any feedback on my survey form.

The form itself is pretty good, but you have some issues.

  1. You are using the same id for both the labels and inputs, id’s have to be unique. It is also messing with the input selection on label click.

  2. The .r-column divs are partly overlapping the labels, making the labels unclickable.

  3. The layout breaks at lower screen sizes, see if you can’t come up with a solution in the media queries. At the smallest sizes, you can remove the form margin and make it full width.

A few errors:

for=“adress” should be for=“address”

‘for’ is not a valid attribute of the div element.

‘disable’ is not a valid attribute of the <option> element.

Thank you. I had been staring at it for a few hours and wanted to get some fresh eyes on it. I appreciate the help.