Survey Form: need help :-)

Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum and I’ve been working on the Survey form. I am almost done (I think) but I’m struggling with two things:

  1. If I select an answer on the radio buttons and move to the next question that also has radio buttons, my selected answer disappears. How can I code this button, so the chosen answer saves?

  2. When you press submit the form goes to a default page. Can I code the message there, or add a link to somewhere else just to make it more interesting? Where would you typically collect the data from a survey if this was a ‘real’ survey?

This is the link to my survey form:

Thank you!

you need to give a name attribute to each group of checklists or radio buttons , otherwise they are considered all the same group and that’s the behaviour

a database, so you would need backend code to manage the datas and store the datas securely. or you could code it to send an email with the datas of the survey, leaving the storing securingly to someone else.

Thank you, that is really helpful!!