Survey Form (Opinion & Guide)

Hello fam this time I decided to see if I could recreate close to the guide we were given and I came up with this. Though it turned out not bad but I know there are still loads of problem here.
The one I can point out is why my dropdown list and submit button won’t reach the end like other input when set to 100% I had to set it to 101% to achieve this, how can I solve this?
If you notice other errors or something I should have done please I would love to know. Thanks in advance.

Below is the link to the project:

Also the autofocus refuses to work, I don’t know if this is an issue with codepen or my code

You may inspect single elements using this CSS: border: 1px solid red; Anyway, from what I’ve seen on your page it seems that your input elements are overflowing a bit from its container, maybe because of some margin or padding, I wouldn’t be too picky about this… I think it’s OK. Maybe more savvy users can come up with an easy fix, I’ll be glad to know too.

I’ve noticed that you are using <br/> for styling content. You may want to do this via CSS instead, maybe using padding or margin. Keep all styling on the CSS side, it’s neater that way.

Also, your CSS background-image: looks weird to me. You have set as your primary choice a gradient but as a backup background an external image, maybe you meant the other way around? And your gradient is a one color gradient… you may consider just using the color hex, that way I think it’s more clear to anyone reading your code and more optimal and less error prone to the browser.

Anyway this last ones are not actually errors, just personal preference…

I think it’s just CodePen interface that’s preventing the autofocus to work as intended. As you can see there’s an autofocus to the HTML editor already in place.

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