Survey form opinions

Just finished this and would like to know if the font unit I chose is right and is more accessible now. Also can someone help me “filling the blanks”? I’m not really good at managing the white space and some tips would be appreciated.

Hello, tom.

Excellent form! I am a fan of the humour, especially.

I do not know what you mean by “blanks”… The main focus for improvement I would have is the fact that the image is longer than the screen. So, potentially, spend some time looking into:


Also, in your media queries, I would change the font-size to something where the checkbox text does not wrap.

Hope this helps.

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Hey sky I’m glad that you find it funny. Thanks for those links, I saw some codes using the cover value but I didn’t really understood it. Also by filling the blanks I mean all of that space around the title and picture that is not used. I stopped learning anything else at the moment and focusing on SVG as it seems it can help with some nice backgrounds. And finally with the text wrapping for me is quite complicated, as if I change the font on that div only, in my opinion, it would look really weird, so I was wondering when you have a longer text for a checkbox what should you do… putting it in a grid and slap an align-items: baseline; ?

There are multiple uses of the id “dropdown”. If you need to do some styling consider using a class.

  • You have some bad attributes in your dropdowns. Run your code through the W3C validator to see an explanation. Just copy your HTML and paste it into the ‘Validate by Direct Input’ tab.
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Hi @tompenguin,

Nice form, pretty funny! For help with “filling in the blanks”, I found this article super helpful:

-4trio19 :pineapple:

@roma I will give it a look and see what is going on there, thanks for pointing it out.
@4trio19 That is a gold mine for real, thanks a lot, really appreciate it.
I will come-back with an update when the page is ready, and when I finish dreaming in SVG… :face_with_head_bandage:

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