Survey Form - please give me feedback

Hello again,
It’s my another FCC project. Can you give me some feedback and help me to improve my code?
Thank You in advance.

That is beautiful. Like the logical division of personal and survey questions into fieldsets, and love that you’re using semantic web tags quite appropriately.

On most occasions, I would say to stay away from so many div tags, but I can see why you used them here. They do simplify your layout, though much the same efffect could be done using CSS grid layout. I might suggest, at some point down the line, that you revisit this, and maybe try to simplify the code a little more using a grid.

Also, labels take a for attribute, which points to an input with an id attribute that matches. This allows, for example, clicking on the label to trigger a click on the checkbox. div elements shouldn’t have labels. Perhaps a p with a class question-label or something similar.

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I’m glad to hear that you like it :slight_smile:
I’ll rebuilt this project with grid layout if i will have some spare time.
Thanks, your informations are very helpfull for me.

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