Survey Form - Problem with CSS selector not working when using a name tag, just with class

Good morning everyone. I am doing the projects from the HTML and CSS section. So this is my Survey Form Project:

I just ran the Javascript tool included to test if I meet the requirements and it is fine. But I’m worried that I do not know why, at the las two rule-sets of the CSS code where I used @media, when I tried to use the name “select” to point the <select> in the html code instead of the class “.dropdown” (which is the one used right now) to do the same it wont work. Can anybody help me know why it wont work with “select” instead of “.dropdown”? The reason I tried this is because I wanted to use it the same way it is written in the example project:

Thank you very much, folks!

Hi, this problem is about CSS Specificity
You can learn more about:


In the example above, the type selector: select will not work either

Oh, I see! Than you! I thought that the example project was perfectly written but I see it still has errors though. I read both articles, they are insightful! :slight_smile: Appreciated!