Survey form project | feedback wanted | Mucho Gracias

I am sure my code is super messy. Would love some feedback. Thanks

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Wow Dating survey , it looks nice add more thing in project just don’t complete your project as user stories given , Do more project .
Happy Coding

Hi @DrinkiPoo,

  • Two of the user stories fail. Name and email should be required fields and if the user does not enter a name or email then an HTML validation error should be thrown
  • users should be able to click on the labels for the radio buttons/checkboxes and have their choice selected
  • align things better. I thought the “what are you looking for” was only for the last checkbox
  • change cursor to pointer when hovering over submit button

I couldn’t figure out how to vertically align that one. Looked it up, but whatever i tried didn’t work (or made things worse. someone suggested changing the display to table cell , but it messed everything up). Do you ahve any suggestions?

Try using the <fieldset> tag and then your question can be the label

Post back after you’ve made all your changes so we can review again.

@Gunjan @Roma Thanks dudes. I changed it a little bit, and it looks okay for now. But if I go and resize the window, it doesnt look pretty. should I be worried about that or should I go on to the next project?

Yes, I think you should be concerned with it. The certification is for responsive web design. Which means your pages display equally well on small, medium and large screens. (On a side note, I noticed your tribute page has some responsive issues too.)
I mentioned in my first feedback that this fails the user stories for name and email being required fields.

It’s up to you how you want to proceed. You can correct or move on.
Happy coding!

@roma Thanks for the prompt reply brother. How responsive should the page be? Should I aim to make the page responsive to the point where it should be perfect even for a mobile screen?

Yes @DrinkiPoo. Take a look at the sample project you forked from and some of the projects others have done