Survey Form Project Feedback

Hey campers, Also finished this Survey project, here is the link

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

Nice form! Makes me think of limes!
I would prefer less brilliant contrast between the white background of the form and the lime green web page. Maybe you can change the white to be less bright? Or try something else (ivory?)

One thing that made me wonder was the selector for the age field. The up/down buttons don’t seem to be responsive visually to clicking on them. They do change the number up and down but they don’t behave like buttons normally do (in terms of looking like they are being clicked if you know what I mean).

Great form otherwise!

Thanks for your feedback, the up/down arrows on the age number field where removed. made the background smoke-white.

it is definitely easier on my eyes now! but maybe just a little bit brighter , I tried #f1f1e1 and that looked good.