Survey-Form Project Feedback

Hi guys I’d really appreciate feedback on my survey project. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

It’s there, it passes the test, great job on that one! :+1:

Looks wise it’s all over the place. Now try making it look organized and appealing. Notice how all of your fields are offset and not aligned with each other. Change the font and see if you can find better matching colors. Check this out

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Thank you for responding and giving me ideas on how to make it better. I did notice when I completed it it wasn’t that appealing visually. I’ll revamp it and see if I can make it look more professional.

Great start, and kudos for changing the words and making it your own.

Like @ezfuse said, I would focus on styling on a little more. Also remember to make it responsive (ie when you minimize the window does it still look good). See below link for media query

This link helped me a lot in regards to page styling

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Also looks like, other than the title, everything else on the page is wrapped inside an h1 tag. I don’t think you want to do that.

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