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Hi, dear community!

So I’ve sweated quite a lot to come up with this one, and I know that is everything but perfect, but if I keep playing around with it I feel like I am gonna get stuck on it forever :sweat: Bottom line: forms are hard, the flex model is hard, and, most than anything, thinking of accessibility is hard.

The result itself can be seen lively at My Survey Form, while the code for it can be found at code-journey-log/my-survey-form at main · ibaifernandez/code-journey-log · GitHub

As y’all may observe, there are two HTML files and two CSS files, but the ones I’ve sent as the project itself has been the ones built using — or trying to do so — the flex model (which are noted as […]-flex.htmland […]-flex.css respectively.

My only question this time would be: is my code as messy as I feel it is? This time, to be honest, I didn’t take the time to order the CSS file at all, and the HTML just feels incredibly heavy :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Anyway, hoping to get as much feedback as possible about it :slight_smile:

Thanks for it in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @ibaifernandez !

I think your page looks great!

The only thing I noticed in your code was that you sometimes commment on things that are obvious.

Like here

.background-movement {
  overflow: hidden; /* To avoid the background spilling out beyond the confines of the container. */
  position: relative; /* Since our pseudo element will be positioned within it. */

If those comments are for your educational studying purposes then that’s fine.
If not, then you can leave those comments out because the code is self explanatory.

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Thanks a lot, @jwilkins.oboe!

I will stick to your appreciation, for mine it isn’t good at all this time. As happy as I was about my tribute page, I believe this one was kinda failure, hehe :sweat:

They totally are for studying purposes, hehe. You will even see that I have a list of ‘pending tasks’ within my code :sweat_smile: But, yes, it’s a way to leave ‘notes to myself’ so that I don’t forget some essential :sweat_smile:

Once again, thanks a bunch for the comment :heart: I was sorta disappointed at which felt like a code way too long for the goal of the exercise.

I tried to overachieve once again and this time, I burnt myself out quite a tad.

Trying to understand all of those accessibility features (the tabindex thingy, e. g., I even turnen on Apple’s VoiceOver to see what was like to visit a page without being able of having a look at it), all those :focus and hovers… and the worst of it all, I didn’t get to style radio buttons and checkboxes.

So yeah, your comment made my evening :slight_smile: Thanks one last time :heart:

I think you did a really good job.
And remember that you are new to this. So it is totally fine if things are not perfect.

You will look back at your code from now and want to change a lot of things because your skills will be more advanced.

But just build it the best way you can right now and keep moving forward. :grinning:

I am still trying to learn all of that stuff too. But it is good that you are taking time to pay attention to accessibility because it is important.

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