Survey Form Project Feedback


I just finished my 2nd FCC project, the Survey Form. I tried playing with CSS to make it look modern. I think that my code could be better because I am not sure if I used some pseudo-elements correctly.

What do you think about it?

Just a few issues:

  • The label for the Age input is not set up properly. It does not have a for attribute that points to the input.
  • The “Which year are you in” select needs a label. So does the textarea.
  • I would highly recommend you do not use the <br> element to create new lines between elements. The <br> tag has a very limited use case and that is not one of them. Use CSS to stack elements. The display property may be of use here.
  • Inside the fieldsets, the question text should be inside a legend element, not a p element.

Thank you for checking my project, I fixed all the issues you pointed out. I hope you liked the website!