Survey Form Project help needed

Hi everybody,

I’m finished all my responsive web design challenges and realized my first projects were not so good, so I’m going over them again trying to include everything I’ve learned so far.

I’m having a hard time with media queries (I think) and with the overall responsiveness of the page for example when I shrink it.

This lack of responsiveness is linked to something I’m missing in my css (some properties/values etc.) but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Here’s the link of my project, hope I made myself clear enough.


I can’t see any media queries in your CSS. Maybe there is none, maybe it’s just me going crazy :upside_down_face:

Yeah sorry I explained myself poorly.

There are no media queries in the code so far, as I’m having a hard time understanding if the problem of responsiveness is linked to the media queries or the css in general.

What I wanted to know is if the HTML/CSS (and the overall form) looks acceptable, or if there are some major problems I can’t figure out (missing properties/values etc.) that are causing my code to respond unproperly.

It’s not really easy to explain, hope this time is a bit clearer :sweat_smile:

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