Survey Form project | I keep getting a #name-label not define error. Can someone help me out?

<form id=survey-form>
 <label for="name"><p>Name </p><input id="name", required placeholder="Username"></label>
 <label for="email">Email <br><input id="email", type="email" required="email" placeholder="Enter your Email"></label>
 <label for="age"<p>Age</p><input id="number" type="number" required="number" min=50 max=18 placeholder="Enter your number"></label><br>

remove the comer(,) after the id =“email” and also the required shouldn’t have =“email” accompanying it…

I tried. Still not working.

you really should stop putting comers(,) after defining the id

try this


                <input id="name" type="text" class="username" placeholder="Username" name="name" required>