Survey form project. I need your feedback, please πŸ˜‰

Hi everyone :wink:

After a long … long week on it. That’s it, finally it’s done.
In my mind, at the start, it was clear and requiring not too much work .:roll_eyes:
But i sweated by moments :grin: through browsers, css, html and js bugs.

Here is the link:

Please, leave your feedback.

Thanks a lot :wink:

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Omg I love it,this is very nice I have no problems with it

This is fantastic . Loved everything

It does look nice and is a cool concept but unfortunately it is almost completely keyboard inaccessible when the browser is at the wider breakpoint. I can only fill in name, email address, and age but cannot get to the other fields or submit button with the keyboard only.

At narrower widths I can tab through all the fields but there is no keyboard focus indicator for the radio buttons or check boxes so I can’t tell where the focus is.

Hi :grinning:

Thank you for your feedback.

@bbsmooth I have fixed the issues and now you can navigate through the form with TAB. There is also a focus indicator now.

Its exceptional, you did a great job on it, and the attention to detail like creating a box that displays where you got the fonts, etc. is a good idea.