Survey Form Project (Imaginary App: Lotus)

Hello All,

Just looking for some design (visual and code) feedback on my Survey Form:

P.S. Does anyone else have issues when testing sites for mobile responsiveness when using chromes dev tools (specifically their mobile view tool?) My form looks fine on my phone and my friend’s phones, but chromes mobile view makes it look all types of funky.


Awesome job, the form looks really good. I’m not seeing the same issues in dev tools either, it seems to be responsive.

Couple simple updates:

  • Click on the triangles in the Codepen editor and do “Format Code”. This will clean up your code.

  • Remove DOCTYPE, head, and body tags. They are not required in the Codepen HTML editor

  • You can also always run some type of Accessibility plugin to see where that can be improved as well.

-4trio19 :pineapple:

It is really beautiful. I think you did a great job with your spacing between sections. I really love the color, but wonder if it would be more calming if it wasn’t so saturated. It’s really good!

@4trio19 Thank you for the suggestions :).

  1. I used the format code in CodePen. Super helpful!
  2. Is there any harm in leaving them in? Just curious.
  3. Im on it!

-Buddha Blake

This looks fantastic! I’m not seeing any issues when I look at your survey in chrome dev tools? It seems fully responsive. Great job!