Survey-Form Project Joshi

Hey @ all, my name is joshi and started 3 weeks ago with the Responsive Web Design Course.
I was fighting 5 days with this Project here…Part 13 was horrible… but i made it through the tests! I only used Html and CSS.
And now i need a feedback from some more experienced people.
Please whoever see this, tell me everything what is wrong, good or too much…whatever…
Many thanks in advance :*

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Looking amazing.

If I were to make this better I would change the text color to something that contrasts the greenish color in the background that the hand is wrapped up in.

And maybe try a different font or thickness/weight of font, spacing etc and also work a little on the text box, submit button and overall colors.

But overall this is a very good design that is the transparency and all idea. Good job!

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Thank you for the tips!

Yeah i have problems to set the font color in the input boxes…the selectors are black written and the inputs are grey …i dont know why…i tried every possible options i found on google…
same with the checkboxes…i didnt find a way to change that white background…
I will try your advice an put some other colors for the fonts…
If you have a tip for my problems pls let me know… i’m brainlagging the last days…i had so much mistakes to find and correct :slight_smile:

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I Googled and found out that you can change the placeholder color and other properties using this tag in CSS. However I do not suggest changing it(maybe text if you want to). I think changing the input box color where the gray is more visible would be what I’d do.

::placeholder{color:  }

Regarding colors I highly suggest you to go back and revisit the color section. It’s like a couple of lessons only but it helped me a lot not just while designing websites but in other areas like designing flier and all. They taught there about primary colors, secondary colors, contrasting colors, how to balance the text color and background color using a certain website etc. After reviewing the information there pretty well you start to get a feel for the colors which you can implement in all your designs.
Also, this website has helped me get some ideas about what colors might be appropriate thought I don’t chose what it suggest all the time but many times it’s helpful: Color Wheel - Color Calculator | Sessions College

I also google things like green color pallets, or say yellow contrasting colors, matching colors etc. If I’m not satisfied I use my own judgement using a color wheel like picking colors on the opposite sides of the wheel in a software like GIMP which is free and easy to use or one available online and changing colors manually until I get a right match.

But above all reviewing those colors lessons is what I would highly suggest.


Wow thank you very much! This color wheel will rescue me!
My first idea was that the font in the boxes should be all black for the contrast…but you see it didnt work and it gets a fifty fifty solution…
I will try everything…
big big thank you!

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Sure. Making the fonts in the placeholder all black confuses your user like is it a placeholder or has a text already been entered there and all. By the way, a color that matches well with the gray placeholder text is this if you wanna try or you can chose some other slightly lighter color than gray so that it is visible(here too you can you try the color wheel or that website which freecodecamp links to in one of their lessons regarding the foreground and backgound color to make sure one can read clearly.

background-color: #e8eeee;

Take inspiration from different places like even say your Gmail inbox, simple icons, shades of black, gray etc

Regarding text too playing around with weights, spacing, fonts etc is a good idea to learn.

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