Survey form project, need feedback

Its a survey form for an imaginary music streaming service

Pretty decent design
Just a few things:
The page isn’t responsive.
The white text on the white lights makes it hard to see what the form is asking. Maybe try adding a css filter or changing the picture.
Also you can add a hover effect to your button to improve ux.

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Yah a friend of mine pointed the white text thing to me also when I had them test it out. Also I’ll try your suggestions thanks for the feedback.

What is the purpose of the navbar that doesn’t do anything when one clicks on the various links?

Also, codepen provides you with a validator for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on the ‘Analyze’ link. There are some things you may want to look at in HTML to make it cleaner.


Personally I would change the background and maybe adjust the radio and checkbox buttons.

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Its suppose to be a survey page for a music streaming service i made up. I didn’t just wanna do a bland survey page but add some nuance to it, but I wasn’t going to make a whole website with a homepage and log in page just for a survey form project, so at best i thought maybe if you click the tabs it would reload the page which was just meaningless. I basically just looked up popular streaming services like soundcloud and tidal and tried to mirror that, and make a survey page for such a service. But thanks for the input. I didnt know about the html validator for codepen.

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Yah i got a few complaints about the background making the words not too visible. I’m torn between chacking the background and changing the font color on the form. What donyoy suggest I change about the radio buttons?

Text are hard to read because of the bg image. Try to resize the font size and add dark grey background to the form and adjust its opacity using the rgba().

I don’t know if it is just me, but i find very strange the fact that they are not aligned with the other inputs (the select and the textarea elements are not either).

what are you talking about here ???