Survey Form project no. 2

check out my project survey form here:

I’d really love some feedback

Hello, what I can see is that it does not fit the mobile screen, you would have to work on the responsive design.


I think your form looks good, but it seems like it’s not responsive. When I resize the window the elements are getting outside of my screen. Maybe you can improve that a bit, bot overall i think it looks great. Oh and maybe you could add cursor: pointer; to your button, so it feels more like a button.

Aside from the mobile view I don’t think you need :focus of 100px for all of the input boxes. It seems off to have them expand when I click to enter my name and other information. More so for the age block which has a a selector doesn’t need to expand.

Edit: To add on…the “would you recommend…” could be radio input vice checkboxes. I seems like you would only want one answer for that, “Yes” or “No”