Survey form project, passed HTML but how much CSS should we know?


I just passed the first HTML project and started working on the CSS. My goal was just to copy the example freecodecamp provided when it came to design. I “inspected” the page in Google to get an idea (since I was overwhelmed) and it’s showing that they used box sizing/border-box elements, when we haven’t learned that yet? So my question is, should I even focus on the CSS of this project at this point? I notice the stories only apply to the HTML, so maybe I’m trying to do more than necessary, especially if freecodecamp’s own example is using styling that we haven’t been taught yet.

You will be learning a lot more HTML and CSS as you progress through the Responsive Web Design certification, so I wouldn’t worry too much about not understanding stuff right now.

It’s always worth researching and experimenting as you build your own projects, but you’ve only covered the very basics so far, so I’d be inclined to continue with the next part of the course. Even after you have submitted a project, you can always go back and resubmit an ‘enhanced’ version later on, once you’ve developed your skills a bit more.


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