Survey Form Project Reset and progress lost

I am working on the New Responsive web design course. I looked back to my Survey Form project to reference some code, and it seems to have reverted to an earlier incomplete version and all the CSS is gone.

Is it possible to restore my lost work?

did you submit your work? if it’s so you can see it in the settings in the certification projects section
did you use the save button? make sure to use it before leaving a page project

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I did save the project. I have done the next two projects since, and occasionally I have looked back at it and it was there. However this morning it disappeared, the other two projects are fine.

Perhaps it was saved on my browser cache and it had not been saved?

check in the settings, if you submitted the project, you can see the code there

Thanks, the project shows in settings with the old unfinished code, no css

You will see in the settings the one you submitted

When you work on code make sure you save often!

Thanks, I did the project again, and this time I also backed up all the code to my hdd just in case.

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