Survey Form Project - Saving our Planet

Hello everyone! This is my second project on FreeCodeCamp! I’ve tried to give some spark to the form used the flexbox css, and a little bit of javascript. Please fill the form to know what I mean. Couldn´t fix the compatibility with safari, but with chrome works just fine. It’s on github:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Thanks!

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Nice. I just copied the code from the sample project. I couldn’t think of what to ask on my survey. Good job. I also really like the background.

Hey nice form! Really cool to see something a bit different styling wise. If you’re having issues with cross browser compatibility you could try using CSS Autoprefixer ( I use this via Gulp and it’s great, but if you just want to try it you could just copy and paste your CSS into the website. Keep up the great work!

Hey! Thank you for the feedback! It was a green family idea! The background was my wife suggestion! She will be happy with your comment :slight_smile:! Did you get the 100% result?

Thank you Simon for the feedback! I didn’t knew about this autoprefixer, thanks for the tip it seems will be time saving! Regards!

I did, but only because I copied the code from the example. I’m not happy with that, so I’m going to go try different things when I have more time.

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