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I’m working on my survey form and I don’t know why I’m not passing 12-16 content. How do you have the fields inside and outside the form element at the same time? I guess I don’t understand what is being asked of me maybe. Please help.

I think it would help if you would give us a link to your project so we can run the tests for ourselves and help you troubleshoot.

attempting to. sorry. one moment

Hi @Rachel-Farley92 !

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You have a lot of syntax errors in your html which is why you are not passing a lot of the tests.

I would also suggest formatting your code. It will make it easier to spot errors.
Codepen has a tool for that in the html settings.

I would use html validator because that will give you more descriptive feedback on errors than the codepen one.

Once I cleaned up the errors, I was able to get 16/17.
For the last failing test about the radio buttons, I would suggest reviewing the documentation.

The issue is that the group of radio buttons needs to share the same name attribute.
You gave different name attributes to each radio button.
Right now when you click on them all of them are selected which is incorrect.

Once I fix those things then all of the tests pass.

Just take your time fixing those syntax errors and if you need further assistance you can reach out to us again :grinning:

Hope that helps!

Hi again!

I figured I would be more specific on how to clean up the first four error messages concerning your content not being in the form.

If you want to get from 12/17 to 16/17 I would move your header end tag up right underneath the description paragraph.

  <h1 id="title"> Covid-19 Survey </h1>
  <p id="description"> This survey will allow us to determine symptoms people are experiencing during the pandemic as well as who may have been exposed. </p>

If you make that one change you clear 4 of the error messages.
Then you are left with tackling the radio button issue.

Once you pass all of the tests then you should go through and clean up the rest of the errors.

Hope that is helpful!

Thank you so much! I’m brand new to coding and this was so helpful!

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