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The survey form is kind of confusing and I keep seeing people make such amazing projects and I can’t even do something simple. What should I do? Complete the project the best I can or just move on and come back to it later once I learn new things. I’m getting stressed.

wdym is it that you struggle creating a form or that you do not know what to build?

i would recommend going through the previous lessons again and making some of your own projects related to them in vs code if you are struggling. this will help you practice

otherwise if you are unsure of what to build i think it is ok to just make a replica of the suggested site they give you. i have done this twice because i have limited creativity lol

Keep going with the work on the project. If you stumble upon some obstacle try to search a little on the Web, read some instructions, other people’s solutions and so on. Don’t think about the nonsensical things such as if you can do it or not, will it pay off …
One step at a time, sooner or later you will get closer to the final solution but with a sense of fulfilment because you did it all by yourself, believe it or not.

HI @15pn !

It is important to remeber that everyone who comes to freeCodeCamp is starting at different places in their programming journey.
Some people are complete beginners while others have been programming for a few months or even years.

You don’t know the background of those who are creating those amazing projects.
That might have been programming a lot longer then you.

Building your first few projects is hard but you will learn a lot in the process.

My advice would be to start with the HTML first.
Go through each of the user stories one at a time and if you get stuck research documentation or ask the forum for help.
Learning how to ask for help is an important skill that you will need especially later on when you are on the job.

Once you have the HTML in place, then slow start to add some CSS.
Don’t worry if you are not a designer.
Just create some super simple.

Remember your goal is to focus on learning the basics of HTML and CSS not creating production ready web designs.

Complete the project the best you can.
Your first few projects won’t be perfect but that is ok.

The goal is to learn a lot in the process.

Hope that helps!

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Okay, I’ll go over the first 4 lessons again. I was a bit confused when I saw this post and kind of felt discouraged.

As I mentioned earlier, we don’t know how long that person has been coding.

Also, it is dangerous to compare yourself to others.
It is important to just focus on your progress and just take it day by day.

I have been on the forum as a moderator since 2020, and I can tell you that most people struggle with building their first few projects.
But the forum is here to help you along the way.

When you get stuck, reach out with any questions you have and the forum will help you better understand

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you will be able to make that dw just take your time

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