Survey Form - Review/Feedback

Hi everyone,

I have completed my second project which is Survey Form.

Here is the link: Survey Form

I would love to hear your review & feedback :blush:

I would move the #title-area div to be inside the #form-bg div.

The entire #form-bg div is transparent, including the user inputs. If you wanted just the background to be slightly transparent, remove the opacity from the CSS and set background-color to rgba(252,246,232,.9).

I’d use something that’s more like chocolate bars or a solid/gradient color but not smeared chocolate frosting as the background.

The page is responsive and I really like how you matched the submit button colors to the title colors.

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Awesome job :yum: I love it! :smiley:
Please go to pen settings -> html -> insert viewport meta tag -> save & close for responsiveness’ sake. :iphone:

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Thank you for the suggestion of changing the background-color. I have changed it to rgba(252,246,232,.9) instead of the opacity. I just realized that my text-fields are all transparent too.

Your are absolutely right, solid/gradient background color is better than the smeared chocolate. I would take that as advise.

Thank you for your time to review my project, I really appreciate that! :blush:

Thank you!

Oh I never know about inserting the meta tag viewport… what else can it do? :astonished:

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