Survey form review:)

hello Everybody, I’ve completed a new challenge today and I’m happy about it so pls give it a review and tell me how it is.
here is the link :slight_smile:

Hi @ridzzali110, nice page! I really like the styling. However, there are a few things you should fix:

  • You should add a max-width property to your textbox. This will stop it from being dragged out of the border.

  • You should change ‘you professional status’ to ‘your professional status’.

  • I would capitalize the city names in the dropdown box.

  • The word ‘Enter’ is usually used for search inputs; ‘Submit’ is standard for surveys.

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Hey @ridzzali110, you’ve got <label>s for the <input>s, which is great, but unfortunately the labels are not working properly. The for attribute on the label points to the id of the input and it must match exactly, including case. So you’ll want to go through all of the labels and make sure they match the id on their associated input exactly.

Also, if you nest the <input> inside of the <label> then you don’t technically need a for attribute on the label, but if you do have one then it still needs to match the id of the input.

You also need <label>s on <textarea>s as well.

You’ve got some duplicate id’s in your HTML (“education”, “personality”).

You’ve got some misspellings in some tags (“feildset” instead of “fieldset”).

Don’t use <br> to create vertical space. Use CSS instead.

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hey I appreciate your review a lot and I’ve done the things mentioned above. but the only confusion I’m having is that the text boxes are working fine with me but anyways thanks :slight_smile:

thanks a lot your reply was so informative I’ve removed all the “for” attributes and changed all the repeated ids and thanks for all the correction. you helped me remove a lot of unnecessary code :slight_smile:

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