Survey Form - Rodio and Checkbox Alignments

Survey Form - originally all of the form information showed along the left side of the screen. I wanted to pretty it up so I added some CSS to center the form information. So, the issue I’m now having is with the alignment of the radio buttons and the checklist. Appreciate any advice.


Be best if we could see what you have done so far.

This link is from your other thread. I’m guessing that is still the version you are working on?

I would not suggest center aligning everything, that will make it much harder to align the elements with each other. Give the form a max-width and center it using auto margin but keep the form child elements left-aligned (you can center the headings before each section).

You can always take a sneak peek at the example project code for some pointers on how it is done there. Just don’t copy the code verbatim.

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