Survey Form (some Korean words included)

My second project, took some time to get used to aligning all the options and bullet points in the center with flex and grid. Really challenging to get those sizes just right. It looks way better than the one that I began with though.
What do you guys think?

Survey Form Codepen


I think you did pretty well. Only feedback I have is, ideally the sizes of your element would change as the size of the viewport changes. But you’ve made it such that it fits the smallest size viewport but then it looks a bit weird in larger viewports as there’s so much empty space around it. Otherwise though, I think it’s a solid effort! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

I learnt Korean awhile back (wow…it’s been more than 10 years ago!) and I hardly practice it but I can still read, although I don’t understand much anymore. I understood bits and pieces. I understood the “skintone” part (HAH!) and a few other words but gah…wish I kept up with it. Sorry, this part is irrelevant to your project :see_no_evil:

Thanks for the solid feedback!

Yeah all the empty spaces… I was thinking about adding some pictures or characters, maybe that will fill up the void?

Glad to meet someone who knows some Korean! It’s always great to know some extra languages, and good to know that you’re getting some idea what my Form’s about!
Maybe if you understood it fully, it might get cringy because I tried to play some corny jokes. :grinning:

Hm… instead of filling up the void, are you able to make your form take up more space?

He-he… I only hope I can get the corny jokes! I love the Korean language, it’s so nuanced! :star_struck:

Like sizing up the fonts and boxes? and maybe adding @media when the width shrink.
I will work on it next time, eyes tired from too much screen reading haha.

Yeah the language is tricky, although I’ve lived with it all my life, I still couldn’t get the spellings & in between spaces perfectly. :rofl:

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