Survey Form Submit Button Not Passing

I’m working on the survey form project and in the beginning passed all 17 of the tests right after writing the html, before entering any CSS. I just added some CSS for the submit button, and for some reason now I’m not passing the submit button test. I get an error saying that the button isn’t inside the form element; I don’t know why it’s saying this since it looks to be in the form element to me. Here’s a link to my code:
Any help would be appreciated!


So one thing I strongly recommend you do is to use the dropdown to ‘tidy HTML’. There are two issues, one of which (or maybe both of which) seems to be be keeping this last test from passing: watch your nesting. You have a div with the id of “bulk” that starts outside of your form, so it should contain the form, right? But the div is closed inside the form, rather than outside of it. The same with the div you’ve wrapped the button element in. If you move both divs INSIDE the form element, then you’ll pass that test again. It’s a matter of the way the DOM is nesting, you seem to have confused the browser. :wink:


That was it! Thank you!

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snowmonkey, I’m having a similar issue with not passing #13 but I checked my divs/elements to make sure they are properly nested and they seem about right. Would you mind taking a look at mine too? Here’s the code:

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Figured it out!! radio buttons need a value attribute :slight_smile:

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