Survey Form - Summer Break

Glad for some feedback on this please, especially with regards to field box positioning.


Center everything.

stuff seems to be inside of each other. Do research on how to use check boxes.

Stuff goes off the screen. (try not to have fixed widths - use percentage(s) along with relative width)

try using flexbox.

Just make this a check form.

Thanks for feedback.
Not sure if this is my latest version sent through today, because this is not how it appears on my screen and it passed all 17 in the test run. Will check out the points you have made.

Thanks for taking the time to review this. I’m really enjoying the challenges.


Here is my latest version. Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback on my first one.

The same thing happens.

Follow everything i stated before, look up templates and examples on the internet and see what they did as inspiration.

Thanks again Michael.

I have done some more work on my survey form. Would appreciate any feedback when you have the time.

Thank you.

The margins are of on smaller screens:

(use screenfly -->

Use flexbox to flex things into a column and media quires to test for screen size.