Survey Form Test Problem

In Survey Form project i can’t pass the test for some reason. i passed 16/17 of tests in my original project but 1 left. I’ve been trying to solve this for days to no avail. I’ve written only the required code this time again to see my fault. I just can’t find it and this time it is 15/17. Please could someone help?

If you click on the Tests button or shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + T) it will give you the information on what tests passed/failed.

Click on the red button again or perform the shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + T) to see the details for the testing that was performed.

if you click on 15/17 you can see what you did not pass
these are your failed tests

  1. For the name, email, and number input fields inside the form I can see corresponding labels that describe the purpose of each field with the following ids: id=“name-label”, id=“email-label”, and id=“number-label”.
    #name-label should contain some text
  1. Inside the form element, I can select a field from one or more groups of radio buttons. Each group should be grouped using the name attribute. Each radio button must have a value attribute.
    All your radio-buttons must have a value attribute

I didn’t know about this feature on codepen. I really thank you guys. Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

that’s just a feature of the test suite

for a good feature of codepen there are “Analyse HTML” and “Analyse CSS” to use
no errors there is also a good goal

for example right now you have this errors:

Wow i didn’t know about that feature too. I’m new sorry and thanks for great help.

you don’t need to be sorry to be new, aren’t you here to learn?