Survey Form - This one took longer than the first one. Would like some feed back

I was going to use bootstrap to make the website responsive on devices. Then I decided, I should learn to use media queries at least before using bootstrap. Would appreciate your feedback on what could be done better.

CSS is a weakness of mine so take this with a grain of salt.

I think it looks great, the cover image resizes nicely, it’s easy to read and the size of the input areas and selection tools feels comvortable.

I would make the following suggestions that would make it feel a little more friendly to me:

Some spaccing between each label/input pair and the one below it to visually differentiate which label goes where.

Some padding left & right (with or without widening the form ) to give some space between the edge and the text

A little more contrast (or less opacity?) between the form & the background image. The form background feels cluttered.

A hover effect over the submit button.

Nicely done though

i liked it thought u should of chose ur own topic throw good job

Thanks, will keep that in mind.

Yeah I should’ve haha. Had no idea so I just copied the topic.