Survey form: trouble with user story 8 (number)

EDIT: when i click on my own link now, it’s fine, for some reason :confused: can 't seem to find the delete button, but thanks y’all!
When I wrote the code for user story 8 (if I enter non-numbers, I get an error), it failed the test. I double-checked it, once, twice, and still nothing. I even copied over the code from freeCodeCamp’s example and changed the text to what I needed and it still didn’t pass.

After that, I just moved on and wrote the rest of the survey code. But nothing in the preview changed – no matter what I did, it was stuck with the first 4 survey blanks. The CSS code didn’t affect anything, either.

I ran a “Analyze HTML” request to see what’s up, and it came back with some mislabeling in my code for the email question, but it all checks out. I know I did everything right because the code is in line with the example given, so I just submitted my link and it was accepted.

What’s going on?

Here’s the link to my pen:

For reference, I’m using the most recent Chrome update on a Macbook Air.

Link to the challenge:

Looks like you have two errors in your pen.

You’re missing the required text area (Story #15) and your submit button (Story #16) should have id=“submit”, not id=“button”. Other than that, everything looks okay in your HTML.

thanks! for some reason when I copy/paste my own link, everything looks fine. i just couldn’t figure out how to delete my first post. thank you for your quick response!

Actually, I found an error.

On line 7, you’re missing an = between for"name"

      <label id="name-label" for"name"> Name </label>

Same here, line 13

    <label id="email-label" for"email"> Email </label>

when you submit the link, your code is not tested

you need to use the test suite inside your project to test

you may also want to use the anylize tools inside codepen, you have a few syntax errors in your code