Survey form troubles

Hello friends,

Could someone please help me with my page and the final two challenges that are needed to pass the test?

i know it has something to do with the name-label,email-label & number label but i have trouble trying to figure out my issue.

Also it says that it has some type of issues with the radio buttons. I know my page isn’t design yet but im trying to get the css part down pat so my apologies for my barney color theme page.

Thank you in advance

Hey taborajosue90,

You have some spelling errors in the three labels. Just check those and you’ll be alright.

All radio buttons should have the same ‘name’, as they are part of the same unit. This way when one radio button is clicked the others will automatically be unchecked. But they should each have a different ‘value’. Right now they all have different names.

For more information:

And try to keep all values and names in lowercase or using hyphen.