Survey Form | UEFA Champions League 2019

Hi everyone! I just completed my survey form project. It was a little bit tricky compared to my first project. Please give me your suggestions and feedback. So I can improve it. Here is the link:

PS. Final match is already played but I put in countdown just to write some js also.


You did a nice job there. I like how it looks like. The thing I’ve noticed is that there is a horizontal overflow, try to fix that. Also your landing page starts acting weird when you change the window size, Fill out a questionnaire button gets lost. Also, I would set some padding-bottom for the landing page.

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Really great job!

One of the best projects I’ve seen on here!! It looks great and I have nothing to criticise at all.

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Thank you, I will try to fix that.

Oh, you are exaggerating. But thank you anyway.