Survey Form - ugh what the heck?

I don’t understand why my activity preference radio buttons are being pushed underneath the container and not lining up right. Help me please?

actually here is my updated pen

even more recent, I figured it out and made it way easier and kind of less stylish.

Hi @megglesnov1990, your form looks good. Some things you may want to revisit;

  • make your input fields a little larger. All the text is so big and bold an the input areas are on a smaller scale. It doesn’t balance well
  • revisit the phone number field. I don’t think in the 21st century someone will have a phone number between 16 and 100.
  • placeholder text is hard to see in some fields since they are so small
  • for your checkboxes make it so users can click on the labels as well as the boxes. You’ve done this for most but there are typo’s in your for value and your id for ‘walking’ and ‘sports’. The values much match.
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the submit button.
  • make your page responsive. On smaller screens the text area remains the same size.