Survey Form User Story #3

Hello everyone, I am in the beginning of the survey form challenge, and seem to be stuck in a very simple step.

User Story #3: I can see a form with id="survey-form"

This is the pen. The tests don’t pass. Any ideas?

Hi @amandavarella,

I watched the code and did the test, it didn’t show an error for the form. Did you arrive or you are still stuck?

Thank you LucLH! Still stuck. I am expecting that 3/10 tests are passing, given that I fulfilled the requirements of User story #3: I can see a form with id="survey-form", and my code has what’s been asked.
Have a look at this picture. I am curious to see what you are seeing

Ok… when I pasted the screen to you I noticed my mistake. I was choosing the wrong test suite!! Thanks for jumping on this!!

Solution: Test Suite needs to be changed to Survey Form

I was going to say the same thing. You can continue your project in peace. Good luck!