Survey Form using Bootstrap and Fontawesome - Feedback!

Today I created this survey form using Bootstrap . Please review it and provide recommendations and suggestions to make it better. Thanks :+1:

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Hello pal,

Just checked your work. It’s simple, clean and cool.

As you stated you got some hand of bootstrap, but I wish you didn’t. Not becasue bootstrap is bad, but when you code with basic and plain/low layer, you grab more experiences I believe.

Layout is working and responsive, very good.

You forgot placeholder for the textarea, please fix.

checkbox buttons are broken, please fix. Cannot check/uncheck them.

For mobile I suggest you let the form fit with screen width to grab more space for elements.

I suggest you bring a little more space between radio and checkbox buttons for mobile view, to make it easier to tap.

Try to fix the issues and I think it’s a good work, but again I suggest you start another one from zero, without any framework, and let be pure HTML/CSS.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

Thanks for the review.

I added placeholder text for textarea. Fixed the checkboxes. I didn’t understand the ‘form fit with screen width’ part. But I added media query to makes radio and checkboxes bigger on smaller screens.

Yeah I will start working on a pure HTML/CSS Survey form soon.

You see the body applies some padding/margin, so there is some space between screen(body) edge to form.

Now if you go 0 for margin, form will fit to screen(body).

Thanks, I have added media queries for fitting form.